About Us

The company can deliver complete tissue paper production systems, dedicated machinery for the paper industry, complete ranges of converting machinery, conveyor belts, waste sorting plants, and maintenances of paper machines and machinery service.


Cranesbill has developed a specialized division for paper industry machines maintenance and repairing. A wide range of interventions has been performed so far on different machines with the best available technology, helping our staff to grow more and more efficient.

Our customer service provides fast and constant assistance, drastically reducing forced stop periods due to mechanical malfunctions. The service provides:

▪         on-site intervention (device check and disassembling);

▪         repairing or rebuilding of faulty parts;

▪         on-site reassembling.


We also offer complete overhaul of paper industry machines mechanical parts; impeller reloading; pump overhaul; roller reconstruction; production and assembling of metal components. If you are looking for any stock prep equipment, paper machinery spare parts, screenplates, rotors, converting machinery or complete paper machines, you can list your requirements.

-Our advantages:

 1. Provider of complete plant solutions : as a professional engineering team, we provide our customers not only with equipment but more importantly, optimize their entire plant design,oversee plant installation and train the operating staff.

2. Manufacturer of top quality plants and machinery : finding a reliable machinery supplier which can provide good quality and considerate after sales service is the first important thing for the importer. Our technical and after sales service team have years of  experience in the paper industry, our own selection theory in choosing the machinery supplier have already been formed thanks to a clear understand of the paper machinery market, we have been keeping a good relationship with the top machinery manufacturers both in the Europe and Asia. Therefore, we can supply our customers with the most suitable equipment in the shortest time, saving time and expenses for our customers. This gives our clients peace of mind and ongoing satisfaction, as well as reliable and profitable production.

3. Reliable and efficient partners & friends:  We serve our customers honestly and sincerely and strive to deliver world class service and quality, reliable and productive machinery.

  • Material Preparation
  • Pulping Equipment
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Screening Equipment
  • Thickening Equipment
  • Dispersing System
  • Bleaching Equipment
  • Deinking System
  • Refiners
  • Paper Machine
  • Pulp Pump
  • Chemical Agent

Cranesbill Corporation specialises in the design, construction and assembly of systems and machinery dedicated to tissue/kraftliner board packaging paper production and converting. The experience that the management team has consolidated over the course of 10 years in the industry has allowed the company to develop and expand rapidly.


Reliable Quality, Competitive Price, On-time Delivery and Considerate Service is our promise to every client.